February 6, 2017

Winter Cocoa Tour... with Yolanda Renee

You know how you make something in the knick of time, we that's exactly how I was when it came to this tour as well as meeting Yolanda Renee. I knew that Yolanda was touring with Palmers, because I'd watched footage of her in Atlanta as well the footage when she was in Charlotte. All that Time I never stopped to see where the actual tour was stopping. However, thanks to good ole YouTube, I was able to hear her mention that she'd be in DC. I knew right then that I'd have to be there. This. Is. Like.A.Friend.In.My.Head. I mean I literally watch all of her and her families' videos. Add that to the fact that I grew up with Palmers. I remember using the cocoa butter stick as my facial moisturizer for years.

I really planned on getting to the event as soon as it started but someone was late with breakfast, and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear. You know when you're a blogger meeting one of your favorite vloggers and family you have to come correct. The biggest holdup was me wanting to wear this African print headband and a super cute lippie. Well the headband totally didn't workout. And the Milani lippie that I was looking for could not be found so I had to combine two beauty supply lippies to give me that pop. Alas, my outfit ended up being ripped boyfriend jeans and a bird I actually HATE birds in real life sweatshirt from H&M with a button down wrapped around my waist. Super simple outfit yet cute.

Photo courtesy of Yolanda Renees' snap

We took this selfie with a DSLR and Devins' assistance

By the time I arrived to the event I was pretty much one of the last people there to actually see/meet Yolanda Renee. The product area was set up really nice but the coveted gift bags and coupons were all gone. I.Was.Late. But all wasn't lost I was able to meet Yolanda Renee, Taylor, Sky and Devin for the win. And I even got compliments on my outfit, now you that's big if your a blogger/vlogger (thanks for that head boost girl). Nonetheless, I took pic, chatted it up a bit and even purchased a new Palmer's body wash without a coupon.

I believe the tour has ended for the East Coast but will be picking up soon on the West Coast. Although I only purchased one product from Palmer's, I am very interested in trying their Skin Therapy Oil along with some other products from their skincare line. Although I missed out on my coupon, I see that I can still receive a 20 percent off discount by signing up for their e-mail list. While you're signing up be sure to drop a comment and let me know your favorite Palmer's product.