February 21, 2017

The Black Love Experience...

I must admit, Black History Month isn't as nationally lit as it was last year when we had President Obama. However, there are sooo many local events that are happening and have already happened that has showcased previous and present culture and excellence within our community. I remember hearing of The Black Love Experience last year and totally missed it. When I got the 2017 dates I knew I had to attend as well as share it with you guys so that we can make the event bigger and better years to come.

The event was held at the Anacostia Arts Center which is definitely becoming one of my favorite intimate venues. When I arrived everyone was dressed immaculately. Head wraps and t-shirts donning every black pride/slogan imaginable. Trust me it was definitely a good look and you could actually feel the black pride and love throughout the event. There were vendors and artist on each and every end of the center. I like the fact that they served small bites of food, alcohol, and marijuana infused juices. There were also several local artist either performing music/poetry or creating paintings on site. In the basement there was an area where you could make vision boards. Although this The Black Love Experience,  no true love connection was made at the event, but there was eye candy everywhere!!!

I actually love events like this which marry culture, style, and experience. There was an area for massages as well as a "Taste The Love" area where you were fed fruit by melaninated men. Yes you read that right!!! Take a look below to experience the event.

My girl Steph looking cute

One time for the Kente cloth fanny pack

Feminism at its best!!!

Gotta have this shirt!!!

Anyone else addicted to enamel pins like me?