February 1, 2017

365 Black

Aside from the month of June birthday month obvs the month of February is my absolute favorite. This is the one month that some people take time to focus on all of the accomplishments of black people in the past as well as the present. Those accomplishments also help to fuel some of us for future greatness. Luckily for me I grew up in a household where the greatness of blacks was celebrated on a daily basis. I remember having handmade black history scrapbooks, attending reenactments of being black in the south, and have watched several films detailing black history. All that being said, I am and have always been proud to be black and from such a strong lineage of greatness, strength, and resilience. My history does not begin with the ending of slavery, it is much deeply rooted in a richness that many hope to experience.

This month I look forward to educating myself on issues that affect the black community, mine specifically. And I also look forward to wearing pieces which show that I’m unapologetically black and PROUD!!! And lastly, I look forward to attending events that will help lift my black spirit.