September 16, 2019

The Sneaker Exhibit- Spring Edition

If you know me really well then you’ll know that I’m a retired sneaker head. While I love all of the trends/designs in sneakers; my 9-5 doesn’t allow me to justify purchases because I know I won’t get my money’s worth. I say all that as I’m impatiently awaiting a Sneaker raffle for the Sacai Waffles in forest green...I digress. Last year I had an opportunity to attend a very dope event in Baltimore hosted by Tashia of The Sneaker Exhibit. Tashia and I met a few years ago when I spoke on a panel about natural hair. Ever since then we’ve kept in contact through the internet, specifically Instagram. Tashia is super creative, fashionable and a mom that gets ish done properly. When I saw that she was throwing a sneaker related event, I knew I had to be in attendance. I will say that I’ve become very selective in the events that I pay for because some of them are just plain lacking... nonetheless, this event was NOTHING like that. All of the boxes were checked regarding planning and execution.
Adidas, Nike, Puma and many more...

Tashia's daughter providing creative direction.

Tashia getting it right

The location was off of the beaten path, however, it was very eclectic and gave New York City vibes in Baltimore. Check in was very prompt and Tashia provided merchandise branding the event and letting us know that this wouldn’t just be one and done. The vibes were literally on 100... Great music, ample food, fashionable people and an open bar. Yes you read that right, an open bar. There were artist in the building sketching attendees outfits and there was a dope backdrop that allowed us to get the perfect picture or selfie. This was definitely the event to be at and I looked forward to attending the next event. Lucky for you all Tashia will be throwing another dope event next month and I am really annoyed that I want be able to attend. However,  I enjoyed the last event sooo much and would like to support Tashia’s event I’m giving away a ticket on my Instagram page. Be sure to follow me @whynotkristin and check out a bit of the last event below.

Sooo fitting for the occasion.

This skirt though.

Puma dad shoes.

Think pink.

I love this dress with the sneakers sis!!!

You can never have too much color!!!

Even the homie brought her shoe game!!!
Finally in front of the lens and not behind.
Classic and trendy sneakers were in the building.

Sooo much fashion!!!
Dope event and dope people!!!

The winner of the Instagram give away is *drum roll please* @vivaciouslyshe please inbox me on IG to get the ticket!!!

August 27, 2019

Weekend Vacation... Durham North Carolina

Unfortunately, a proper vacation may not be in my future this year. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t make the most and do the most during my weekends. A few weekends ago I road tripped to Durham, North Carolina to attend Black August in The Park. I learned about this event last year after it took place and made it my mission to attend this year. I rounded up a few of my friends, gassed and packed Sexual Chocolate (my car), then we hit the road. I haven’t gone to North Carolina in forever and this was my first time ever visiting Durham. Let’s just say I felt right at home as Durham reminded me of my Southern roots. My friends and I set an unofficial rule to find our husbands and have a great trip.

If you know anything about me, it’s that I love a good meal and a good boutique hotel. Since I proposed the trip, I also chose the cutest hotel ever. Initially, I went back and forth between   21 C Museum hotel which is a luxury hotel in Durham and Unscripted which is a boutique hotel. I won’t lie it was a hard choice but the reviews and the pool at the Unscripted hotel won me over. Overall, I felt like the Unscripted hotel would provide the fun that I was looking to have with my friends and 21 C Museum would have been more of a romantic choice. As soon as we got out of the car we had to have an impromptu photo shoot in the cute wicker chairs outside. Upon checking into the hotel, we were greeted by a super friendly Jordan who welcomed us with a glass of red wine and that’s where the fun began. The staff gave us sooo much information about what was going on at the hotel and their professionalism and friendliness carried over with every staff member we encountered. You can tell that the really enjoy their job and the environment that they work in. Our room was super cute and located on the third floor right beside the pool (can you say winning). We took a quick look around and refreshed ourselves before heading out to the festivities. Another win, unbeknown to me was that the hotel was in walking distance to the park. Now I’d like to call myself a planner, but I totally omitted getting the distance from the hotel to the park. 

By the time we arrived at the park (which was all a 7-minute walk), we could already tell that we were further South… because the heat was kicking. The festival was a little on the smaller size compared to other festivals that support and celebrate black people. The event was very chill, and I wish that we’d arrived early to take advantage of the other activities at the festival such as the parade which included a second line. We walked around roughly for an hour and the heat took a toll on us. Collectively we decided that we’d find food and enjoy the rest of our time at the hotel. Listen the hotel had all the vibes. We returned to our room which was adjacent to the pool and got dressed for the pool party. After snacking and frolicking in the water we changed clothes and headed out to dinner.  


We chose sushi for dinner which was fine by me because I’d been craving sushi for some time now. This restaurant came as a recommendation from an Instagram follower, had 4 ½ stars and was directly across the street from the hotel. I went with the miso soup as well as the twisted mango roll. The edamame was also really good, but the standout was the Sea Bass that my friend ordered, I’d return for that alone. After dinner was over we headed back to the hotel because we’d been told earlier that the lobby turns into a party at night. And let’s just say we arrived right in time. The DJ was cranking we got free drinks, can you say winning!!! I literally partied until about 1:00, now that may not be late for some but keep in mind this was essentially a day trip that moved at a rapid pace.

Determined to make the most of my weekend vacation, I got up grabbed breakfast and headed out to the drag show that was held at the pool. The show was extremely good and all things black. There were moments when the host said things that made me cringe. However, as a black woman I walk on eggshells daily in society; it was very refreshing to hear someone be unapologetically black at an event where we were still the minority. Not wanting to waste a minute and take advantage of the late check-out, I changed into my swimsuit and hopped back in the pool. I only got to enjoy about 45 minutes of the water before having to check out, but it was totally worth it. 

By booking this hotel we got our money’s worth and more. I didn’t get to see a lot of Durham, but please believe I’ll be back.

June 20, 2019

Yoga De Rose'

She lives in my lap lol

If you’re reading this, it’s my birthday... cash app me and tell me nice things lol. This year my birthday plans were a bit different. Since my actual birthday is on a weekday and my dad would be visiting (today) I knew that I’d have to celebrate early.While I try and have it all together, for the past two years I haven’t been able to think of anything and have settled for random happy hours. I say settled because while happy hours seem convenient, you never know how the traffic will be in the DMV. I was literally 2 hours late for my own happy hour last year due to there being a fire on the bridge… I digress. This year I had a feeling that I’d do something different, being a new homeowner with an adequate amount of space, I’m now able to have house parties/get togethers whenever I choose to. Being a semi control freak, I’d rather just plan the type of day that I’d like to have (FYI, my baby shower is planned too #NotPregnant).

A good friend of mine was recently certified to teach Yoga and I thought that it’d be great to let her utilize her talents and teach a twerk yoga class. I’d be able to get a work out in and celebrate my birthday with a few of my favorite people.  I chose a cute name that would incorporate what we’re doing and my favorite summer time drink, hence the creation of Yoga de Rose`. I also sent out invitations and went into full on planning mode. In the past I’d only assisted in hosting or asked people to bring items over, potluck style. However, I wanted to dive in and really make this my celebration. Now that I live alone, I totally realized that… its on me baby (kool points if you got the rap reference). I had to invest in everything… cake plates, serving trays, and cheese knives. Luckily, I’ve learned a few tricks from my old roommate which made things sooo much easier.  I came up with a budget (which I exceeded), the menu, and the floral arrangements. Then I literally slaved and cleaned up my house including the basement where the Yoga was held. 

Yes, I did all of that!!!

The combination of yoga, trap music, and twerking was everything. Let’s just say that this turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever. Since my friends are just amazing, they brought additional rose’ and we had one big turnup after twerk yoga, the party literally lasted until the night. Special thanks to everyone that joined me and made my day special.

June 18, 2019

Home Revamp with Decor Haven

Meet Adrienne from Décor Haven, her home is fab!!!

I won a birthday contest hosted by Décor Haven’s owner Adrienne on her IG page a few months ago. Now Adrienne and I have known each other for quite some time, we’re sorority sisters and she’s also one of my close friends. I entered the contest initially just to make sure that Adrienne had access to my network without the intention of winning, but I was very surprised and excited when I won. I’ve seen Adrienne’s work time and time again (look at her IG) and it shows that she is very passionate about what she does and is taking the necessary steps to ensure that this part-time business will become a full-time venture.

Time to stage

The prize included an online consultation of a small space to be decorated, an online portfolio of that space and 30 mins of staging. From the announcement of winning to the actual staging everything was very professional and done in a timely manner. I chose my entryway to be designed as it’s a bit unwelcoming. I described my style to Adrienne during the consultation and provided items that I currently had that could be used in decorating the space. Because I’ve seen Adrienne’s work I didn’t have any restrictions on the space. I was very surprised when Adrienne mentioned that my prize also included $100 worth of decorations. After the initial consultation, Adrienne provided me with the online portfolio that mapped out her vision. Once I viewed the portfolio, we decided on a date to complete the work.

The before look included a headboard and a cute pink tool box

Adrienne arrived with tools in tow and the additional items that she purchased to pull my space together which included a new colorful rug, candle, dreamcatcher, catch all dish, and a faux plant. During the staging, Adrienne kept me informed every step of the way with her progress. My newly designed entryway describes my personality as well as the overall vibe of my home; warm, eclectic and unapologetic. I cannot wait for my friends and family to come over and see her work in person. 

When in doubt contact a professional...

Walah… magic

My gallery wall totally fits me

I'm loving this cute catch-all and terra cotta candle

Can you tell I'm addicted to cacti?

Although I won this contest, I will be reaching out to Adrienne for assistance with other areas of my home. Because of the quality of work and professionalism provided by Adrienne, I’d recommend her over and over again. Join me in supporting local small businesses run by women.

June 16, 2019

Home Sweet Home...

Your girl has officially been a homeowner for a little over 6 months. Let me tell you… this was not something that I even imagined at the beginning of 2018. After a string of unexpected lay-offs my main thing was just to live on my own. And if I’m keeping it all the way real, I NEVER wanted to own a home without a spouse, however, God’s plan. Honestly, I am beyond blessed to be able to handle such a large responsibility on my own. The first six months of homeownership has already taught me sooo many lessons.

  • Sh*t Happens – There is no amount of home inspections nor walk throughs that’ll let you know every single issue or problem regarding your home. New appliance will break just as quick as old appliances and since we can’t control the weather, external damage can be inevitable. I had to get my brand new HVAC system repaired (multiple times) and a bad windstorm peeled back the siding on my place.  Now there are certain moments in my life where I recall the fact that I’m a grown a** woman and doing home repairs is one of those times. 
Ice took over my HVAC

This happened...

  • Take Your Time – If you are a shopaholic like myself, you’ll want to buy EVERYTHING!!! However, taking your time and truly defining the vibe of your home. Also, if you’re making a BIG purchase, you’ll want to be 100% sure of your choices. My BIG purchase was my sofa… Now I totally knew I wanted this beautiful green sofa while I was renting, but the price had me looking at less expensive options. I went back and forth and forth and back and all around before I decided to make the investment in what I really, really wanted. Taking your time could also be a bit tricky because I found THEE perfect coffee table and waited until it was sold out *insert angry face here*. Usually I’m really good about finding items that have sold out but nope, not this time. 

  • Get Organized – I lost count at the amount of documents I signed during closing. However, a few of those documents have come in handy during tax season. It’s best to have a set location for every document because there will come a day that you need it. Let me tell you… I am still working on having the type of organization you find in the magazines.
My fav little area and an attempt at organizing

Unexpected guest... robins eggs