September 16, 2019

The Sneaker Exhibit- Spring Edition

If you know me really well then you’ll know that I’m a retired sneaker head. While I love all of the trends/designs in sneakers; my 9-5 doesn’t allow me to justify purchases because I know I won’t get my money’s worth. I say all that as I’m impatiently awaiting a Sneaker raffle for the Sacai Waffles in forest green...I digress. Last year I had an opportunity to attend a very dope event in Baltimore hosted by Tashia of The Sneaker Exhibit. Tashia and I met a few years ago when I spoke on a panel about natural hair. Ever since then we’ve kept in contact through the internet, specifically Instagram. Tashia is super creative, fashionable and a mom that gets ish done properly. When I saw that she was throwing a sneaker related event, I knew I had to be in attendance. I will say that I’ve become very selective in the events that I pay for because some of them are just plain lacking... nonetheless, this event was NOTHING like that. All of the boxes were checked regarding planning and execution.
Adidas, Nike, Puma and many more...

Tashia's daughter providing creative direction.

Tashia getting it right

The location was off of the beaten path, however, it was very eclectic and gave New York City vibes in Baltimore. Check in was very prompt and Tashia provided merchandise branding the event and letting us know that this wouldn’t just be one and done. The vibes were literally on 100... Great music, ample food, fashionable people and an open bar. Yes you read that right, an open bar. There were artist in the building sketching attendees outfits and there was a dope backdrop that allowed us to get the perfect picture or selfie. This was definitely the event to be at and I looked forward to attending the next event. Lucky for you all Tashia will be throwing another dope event next month and I am really annoyed that I want be able to attend. However,  I enjoyed the last event sooo much and would like to support Tashia’s event I’m giving away a ticket on my Instagram page. Be sure to follow me @whynotkristin and check out a bit of the last event below.

Sooo fitting for the occasion.

This skirt though.

Puma dad shoes.

Think pink.

I love this dress with the sneakers sis!!!

You can never have too much color!!!

Even the homie brought her shoe game!!!
Finally in front of the lens and not behind.
Classic and trendy sneakers were in the building.

Sooo much fashion!!!
Dope event and dope people!!!

The winner of the Instagram give away is *drum roll please* @vivaciouslyshe please inbox me on IG to get the ticket!!!