November 21, 2016

Ujamaa Box 2nd Anniversary

Guess who’s addicted to subscription boxes? You guessed it, me. I remember jumping on the Birchbox wagon twice and unfortunately was disappointed twice. Next was my love for Curlbox. I thought this was genius, someone who looked like me making it happen. And the exclusivity of the box being sold out added to me wanting it more. While I still share that same love for Curlbox and think that Myliek is a big sister in my head, I became a serious product junky and had to end my subscription. Currently I’m subscribed to the Walmart Beauty box which comes quarterly as well the Sephora Play Box. As you see, subscription boxes and I have and have had history. 
After stalking my favorite Instagram page, I saw that Ujamaa Box would be celebrating their 2nd Year Anniversary in DC. Second year, like where was I two years ago when this box came out. In case you haven’t heard about Ujamaa Box, it’s a curated collection of distinctive product samples and special promotional offers, exclusively from Black-owned businesses. The founder Ebony Costain featured over 150 Black-owned businesses in just 2 years with the goal of cooperative economics amongst black business owners. Of course I was quick to put it on my calendar and purchase a ticket to attend. 

The Anniversary took place at the Anacostia Arts Center, which is a location that’s totally F.U.B.U old heads will get that reference.Honestly, what I had in mind was actually surpassed. The venue was dimmed, there was an area off to the right where a musical selection would take place, and the entire line of Ujamaa goodies were set up to the left. After being at the event for about 10 minutes, I was greeted by Ujamaa box founder Ebony Costain and she was gorgeous. Her outfit, hair, and personality were all on point!!! Included in the ticket price was an actual station to make our own Ujamaa box. There were sooo many kool items to choose from, including t-shirts. Where they do that at?

Ebony Costain

Repost from @UjamaaBox
Aside from the awesome products, there were also small bites of catfish/hushpuppies and crab cakes from Capitol Hill Crab Cakes. Now they’ve been on my radar for quite some time and the little bites that I had was a major teaser so expect me to visit them sometime soon. Aside from the small bites we were given a drink ticket and was able to grab beer/wine to sip throughout. A little later in the evening Candice Hoyes blessed us with her amazing jazz vocals. She is a phenomenal artist so definitely be on the lookout for her projects. And looking at her IG, she is no stranger to the art of slaying. After Candice’ performance I went around to the many shops that are located in the Anacostia Arts Center. If you’ve never visited this venue, it’s definitely worth checking out. The mere fact that it’s a space that houses businesses of color is pretty remarkable. I was able to snatch up Black Card Revoked from Nubian Hueman without having to pay shipping charge. That’s definitely winning and I know my family and I will enjoy it over the holidays. 

Candice Hoyes

The night ended with ice-cream from Ruby Scoops. They brought three different flavors with them and I chose a vanilla and sweet potato pie combination. Yes you read that right, sweet potato pie ice-cream and it was beyond delicious. All in all, I am sooo happy that I was able to support this wonderful milestone of Ujamaa Box. I look forward to starting my own subscription and you should do so as well. 

If you like to see what I chose for my box keep scrolling.

Let me know in the comments if you're subscribed to any subscription boxes.

November 8, 2016

NoVA Supper Club: Hot Spot

I try to think back to my life pre-Virginia to see if I was much of a foodie then than I am now. I honestly think that answer is no. You see, exposure is everything and I don’t think I was exposed much to anything outside of my normal southern delicacies (pig feet, chitterlings, neck bones). Now that was good eating and still to this day I indulge in my southern delicacies. However, Virginia and the DMV has opened my palate to sooo many different foods (and cultures).

One of the best ways to learn of new food adventures is to join a meetup or a groupme in your area. But the absolute BEST way, is to start an account on Yelp. If you know me personally then you already know my love for Yelp is infinite. Nonetheless, I try to go to every event that my schedule allows and since I’m a Yelp Elite, their events are really the cream of the crop.

Always make time for a margarita!!!
Last night I was able to attend NoVA Supper Club and enjoy a nice dinner at Hot Spot, Fairfax with my fellow Yelpers. Hot Spot specializes in the hot pot which is described as an "Asian-style fondue" but in soup form if that makes sense. Now I’m not a fan of fondue per se, but this dining experience was nothing short of amazing. What made it sweeter is the all you can eat price of $22.99.  Although it was my first time, the order sheet was pretty self-explanatory and there several Yelpers around that were more than willing to offer suggestions. I ordered the basic broth, with noodles, veggies, and several types of meat/seafood. Just see for yourself:

I am such a saucer!!!



Make sure you're hungry when you visit

Get in my belly!!!

Can you believe I cooked ALL of this!!!

Quite a deal
I can actually see myself visiting Hot Spot again and again because it was just that great. Aside from the price and the amount of food you get, the atmosphere was fantastic. The music that they played definitely went along with the have it your way vibe. Have you tried any new and interesting restaurants? If so, let me know in the comment section, us foodies have to stick together!!!

November 7, 2016

Arrive in Style with Express

I was super excited when I received an e-mail inviting me out to Express’ In Style event. So I immediately called to R.S.V.P and let them know that I was interested in working with a stylist. The look that I wanted them to pull was ‘Holiday Chic’ styles. Now I have yet to attend a real fancy schmancy holiday party, but my fingers are crossed. Express is known to carry fashion that is right on trend, whether it’s casual, work wear, men’s, or a night out. I have found several pieces that I love from Express and if you get the right fit in jeans you become the woman that Ginuwine sang about (maybe that’s pushing it but you get what I mean).  

Express is usually my last resort because I know that I’ll find what I’m looking for, however, the price point is slightly out of my budget for trendy items. This is where being a part of their e-mail list is important. You will be informed of future promotions which can really help the wallet. 

I’ll be the first to admit attending events after work is becoming harder and harder and this day was no different. My excitement had just about dwindled away and I was willing to trade the event for an earlier bedtime lol. Fortunately, I pushed through and reminded myself of some of the blog goals that I’d like to achieve, then I made my way to Pentagon Mall for the shopping festivities. 

Before I reached the store I could already hear the music blasting from the store so I knew I’d be in for a treat. As soon as I entered the store I was greeted by an employee that eagerly told me about the event as well as the promotion and the gift bag I’d receive if I spent a certain amount. I mentioned that I had an appointment with a stylist and he led me on my way. My stylist was Barry, arranged me with 4 different dresses that were sure to turn heads at any Holiday Party. He even brought over a pair of shoes that would go nicely with the outfits.  After trying on all 4 dresses, there were two that semi-fit, yet all screamed for me to get what Ms. Kela Walker would say SNATCHED. I mean, self-esteem is the esteem of yourself and there’s absolutely no way that I felt 100% comfortable (and didn’t want a larger size). Although the dresses didn’t work out, I was able to snag a pic with my stylist Barry and continued shopping the night away.

Barry and I getting our pose on

Loving these jeans

I LOVE a good lace up boot

This color is everything!!!

Sooo many styles

Chanel inspired

Perfect size for a night out and the price is right

Super cute and tasty brownies

Let me know in the comments you favorite Express purchase that helps you arrive in style.