November 8, 2016

NoVA Supper Club: Hot Spot

I try to think back to my life pre-Virginia to see if I was much of a foodie then than I am now. I honestly think that answer is no. You see, exposure is everything and I don’t think I was exposed much to anything outside of my normal southern delicacies (pig feet, chitterlings, neck bones). Now that was good eating and still to this day I indulge in my southern delicacies. However, Virginia and the DMV has opened my palate to sooo many different foods (and cultures).

One of the best ways to learn of new food adventures is to join a meetup or a groupme in your area. But the absolute BEST way, is to start an account on Yelp. If you know me personally then you already know my love for Yelp is infinite. Nonetheless, I try to go to every event that my schedule allows and since I’m a Yelp Elite, their events are really the cream of the crop.

Always make time for a margarita!!!
Last night I was able to attend NoVA Supper Club and enjoy a nice dinner at Hot Spot, Fairfax with my fellow Yelpers. Hot Spot specializes in the hot pot which is described as an "Asian-style fondue" but in soup form if that makes sense. Now I’m not a fan of fondue per se, but this dining experience was nothing short of amazing. What made it sweeter is the all you can eat price of $22.99.  Although it was my first time, the order sheet was pretty self-explanatory and there several Yelpers around that were more than willing to offer suggestions. I ordered the basic broth, with noodles, veggies, and several types of meat/seafood. Just see for yourself:

I am such a saucer!!!



Make sure you're hungry when you visit

Get in my belly!!!

Can you believe I cooked ALL of this!!!

Quite a deal
I can actually see myself visiting Hot Spot again and again because it was just that great. Aside from the price and the amount of food you get, the atmosphere was fantastic. The music that they played definitely went along with the have it your way vibe. Have you tried any new and interesting restaurants? If so, let me know in the comment section, us foodies have to stick together!!!