May 25, 2020

Quarantine Home Updates- Paint Edition

I’m back, and I’m glad about it. By now we all know the current state of the country, scratch that... the current state of the world, COVID19. For over two months I’ve been trying to navigate this new normal, and with the help of technology and social media I’ve been able to do so. While there are sooo many negative things I could focus on regarding this new normal, I won’t. Today I’ll be focusing on a new home project that I recently completed. 

I’ve been a homeowner going on 2 years now and there a more than a few projects I’d like to tackle, but let’s be real, they all include a coin and can add up significantly. On IG I shared that I wanted to make a few changes to my kitchen as well as add on a patio of some kind. The weather is about to change, and I want to be able to enjoy some time in my back yard. The first project I decided to tackle was painting. While this may not be a huge task for some, it was my first time doing it and I was nervous out of my mind. Being the Gemini that I am, my mind went into overdrive. I spent plenty days pinning colors that I thought would be a match with my beloved green velvet couch and fit my overall eclectic aesthetic. I decided that a color in the earth tone family would be suitable and possibly match my decor. I chose 3 colors and decided to order samples and put them on the wall, again, I was a bit terrified. Terrified because the moment I’d put the paint swatches on the wall, I’d have to follow through. I ordered a few swatches from Lowe’s online to pick up in store, but thanks to COVID19 even that process took 2 weeks to complete.

Once I was able to get a few of my supplies there was no looking back. I got home and immediately began laying the protective items out and putting the samples on the wall. Although that was an extremely small task, I was proud of myself, I did it and I knew eventually, I’d have to follow through. After getting my friends feedback on their color choice, I began the hunt of finding the actual color, yes it was a hunt. No one in this area sold the Valspar paint that I’d intended on going with. After discussing with a friend about getting the paint color matched, it was time for me to make my move, I was ready to paint y’all. I walked in to Home Depot with one goal in mind, grabbing my paint and heading home to start my project. Let’s just say the timing was off because the Home Depot I visited paint matching machine wasn’t working. Not to be totally defeated, I got up the next day and tried another Home Depot and winner winner chicken dinner!!!

To make the job easier, I decided to tape the walls the night before. After some positive vibes, I got myself together the next morning and started my paint job. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done but it also wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve done either. Take a look at the finished product below:

The only thing left for me to do is to figure out what I want on the wall I’m thinking black and white photos but I’m not sure. Any ideas? Have you made any updates to your home while being in quarantine?