January 14, 2020

Miami Reset...

I honestly can’t remember the last vacation I've had... vacation to me means getting on a plane to a place other than Georgia. However, ya girl forgot to let you all know that I took a mini vacation a few months ago if you follow me on Instagram, you know. This trip was very unexpected and when I first got the notification, I was extremely excited, however, once we inched closer to the date, I was a complete mess and wondered if I made the right decision. This would be my first time traveling with a group of people that I’ve never travelled with and you know you can’t travel with everyone. I knew most of them through performing together but I’d also be meeting another person for the first time.

Fortunately, for all of us this totally worked out. It was like we’d been knowing each other forever. There were countless moments where I was reminded that I was at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. Although this trip was very short (2 days) it was exactly what I needed. Miami is a place I can visit every year and not be tired or disappointed. For this trip we rented 2 Airbnb’s which were the epitome of ole school Miami... cocaine white furniture and included a view of the ocean. 

I wish I could have brought these back

Because we took one of the earliest flights ever our room wasn’t ready when we arrived, but that meant we could start exploring early. Our first stop was to Yard Bird and the foodie in me was beyond excited I actually recommended most of the restaurants during the trip. Because we didn’t have a reservation, we opted to sit outside and soak in the sun. We all ordered something different and totally indulged. If you ever go to Yard Bird you have to get their fried chicken... trust me it is definitely in my top 3, and just so you know DC will be getting a location soon.

Sooo good

Unfortunately for me, after having brunch and stopping at the infamous Wet Willys for a drink I couldn’t get my ear to pop which resulted in me being sick AKA puking in a random alley-way. There was no way that I was missing a full day of a 2-day trip, so I headed back to the room showered and slept for a bit, woke up refreshed ears popped and ready to party!!!  Day one ended with us going out for food and heading out to dance.

This drink took ya girl out!!!


The next morning, we got up and decided to have a small breakfast at the hotel. Our plan for the day included going to Wynwood to check out the art district. We literally spent all day enjoying Wynwood and I totally recommend that you visit this area.  

This dress will forever go on EVERY trip with me

This chicken DID NOT compare to Yard Bird at all

Sooo many cool murals

Barbie and Ken

After bar hopping and a quick trip to the liquor store, we headed back to the room. The room festivities included a dance contest, drinking games, and a photo shoot featuring Jam’s Top Model (JAM is the group that I perform with, you should totally check us out @jamtherevue). Can I just tell you, I had  sooo much fun. I never would have thought that a mini-vacation was what I needed but it was definitely on time. Until next time Miami (hopefully September 2020).

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! Can you believe its 2020? I thought by now cars would be flying Jetson style, I guess we’ll have to wait until 2030. Nonetheless, I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Years Eve. I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to do. I ended up staying the night in Baltimore and brought the New Year in at the bar of the hotel. Pretty fun if I say so myself. I sis suggest to a friend that we get super cute and go out for brunch and we made that happen. Did you do anything for New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s Day? Look below too see the fun we had:

Make new friends but keep the old!!!

Tuxedo me please!!!

Me and whoa!!!

Don't mean to be so shady!!!