November 26, 2019

Black Restaurant Week at Blue Waters Caribbean and Seafood Grill

I’ve wanted to participate in the DMV Black Restaurant Week since it started and a couple of weeks ago and I got my chance. I expressed that I wanted to attend on IG which led to my friend Devonae sending a DM and getting logistics together. I knew I could only try one place because my week was jam packed, so we decided to check out Blue Waters Caribbean and Seafood Grill.  This restaurant offered a pre-fixed three course menu for $30, what a steal!!!

Lucky for me the restaurant was super close to my house, sans rush hour. Upon arriving I realized that it was in a shopping center which meant free parking. You have to celebrate the small wins lol. The inside looked cozy (and crowded) and I thought that we wouldn’t be able to get seating, but we were seated right away. Since it was restaurant week my friend and I decided to take advantage of their 3 -course deal which included an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. As soon as we entered we were welcomed and greeted and given a menu of all their tasty items.

It must have been our lucky day because they started us out with complimentary beignets. Now these weren’t your typical New Orleans beignets; they had a twist that I picked up on which included a bit of cinnamon and bananas. I really hope they add these to the menu because I’d order them the next time I come.

Before choosing our meal we decided to live it up a bit and grab a libation. We went with a rum punch to set the tone and it was strong. The first course included a selection of soups and salads. We chose the seafood bisque which was full of shrimp and lump crabmeat, topped with fried leeks. The soup and the entrée arrived at the same time so before we could devour the soup we had to start on the entrée.  There were so many items offered and I had a hard time choosing, but whenever I see oxtails on the menu I find them super hard to resist, so that's what I chose for my second course. The oxtails were served with traditional rice & peas and cabbage as well as plantains, which were beyond flavorful. I can totally see myself ordering this again.  Fortunately, the serving size was enough for two people, so along with the seafood bisque I had leftovers for the next. By this point we were super full and decided to take our third course the Pineapple Upside Down cake to go.

Before leaving the owner came over to check on us and see if we enjoyed the experience. Of course, I let him know that I totally enjoyed my experience and asked what food category he would classify his restaurant as.  He mentioned that it’s a fusion of soul-food and Caribbean food and that all his seafood is flown in fresh and scaled in house. The owner also mentioned that he’s looking to expand the restaurant in the coming year. The restaurant truly has something for everyone so if you’re in PG County and looking to support a Black Owned restaurant, be sure to stop by.