April 30, 2019

Something In The Water

I am still riding the wave from the historical Something In The Water Festival which took place this past weekend. I will admit that I'm not really a music festival type of girl, I LOVE music, just not crowds and I prefer a smaller venue. However, in comparison to Coachella this festival actually fit me.

Unfortunately day one was a bust, the weather let us know who was really in charge and all of the musical acts were canceled. I was BLOWN!!! I was really excited to hear Lil Uzi Vert, Janelle Monae and Migos. However, Pharrell totally redeemed himself. He updated us every step of the way and offered us a 33% refund. Honestly, the the cancellation was really in our best interest regarding safety. Although the events were cancelled, my friend and I enjoyed the day drinking. We started out with a Virginia Beach favorite, the orange crush and cheered to the weekend.

Saturday started out with a bang. We arrived to the park and ride location and was bussed off to the festival. Now this part was a bit nostalgic because  we were bussed it was in actual school busses. Albeit funny, I really have to commend Pharrell and his team. From that moment you could tell that they developed a very strong relationship with the city of Virginia Beach. It seemed like the entire city stepped up and helped support this festival. Aside from the relationship with the city, there were other brands big brands on site that showed their support such as: Sony, Akoo, Adidas, Timberland, Uber Eats, Walmart, and American Express, to name a few. There was also something for everyone, music, conversation, and activities. Like I wish that I could have been in more than one place at a time to take advantage of it all. I wanted to see the art walk, attend trap karaoke and see the dance show down. However, I was able to take advantage of the Adidas Creator park. Initially, they were allowing festival goers the opportunity to customize Adidas slides and make a custom Adidas tote. I made the tote but arrived a little too late for the sides and you know ya girl LOVE slides. Saturday was the main festival day for us and we totally enjoyed Travis Scott but when Pharrell and his friends came out we lost it!!! The biggest surprise of the night way Jay Z. It was rumored all week that Jay and BeyoncĂ© were in town but you know how the rumor mill is, but when he came out everyone was up and singing along. Even the people in the adjacent hotels were out on their balcony partying along. Saturday was literally an all day event that ended on a musical high which called for Waffle House. Northern Virginia literally has one Waffle House so whenever I get the chance to get a Waffle I take it.

Sunday started out promising, we thought, I repeat, thought... that we'd get up early and head down to the pop up church. See, there was literally something for everyone... When we arrived to the beach it was beautiful. I was able to fully see the huge balloon that was set up providing that Coachella-like vibe. The line for the pop up church was sooo long and Alisha and I may or may not have cut lol, but we needed a lil Jesus. Pop up church was packed, there were people of all ages, all ethnicities and possibly denominations worshipping together. As much as I wanted to enjoy the pop up church, I couldn't it was hot as ever (I ended up with a sunburn right in the middle of my forehead lol) and the headliners seemed to be coming on later. I had no idea that the service was going to 8PM, after hear at least 3 groups give an a and b selection and listening to one full sermon it was time to go. Unfortunately, weren't able to enjoy any more of the music festival because someone got a new job that started the next day. That literally meant that I missed Chris Brown and I LOVE Chris Brown. Because we were unable to finish the festival we decided that we'd end out road trip by visiting out FAV restaurant in Williamsburg.

If  I had to choose one word to describe the festival, it would be AMAZING!!! I'm not sure if Pharrell had any experience planning a festival, logistics and overall entertainment but he did a hell of a job for his first time I am look forward to supporting him gain next year and please believe, I will be on point to see EVERY SINGLE act that I'm interested in, and I'd like to participate in the festival in some capacity other than an attendee (putting it in the atmosphere).

You have to check out Amber Ox if you're in Williamsburg, VA.

And because I'm still on a high... I'll leave you all with a cute lil Something In The Water playlist.