June 20, 2019

Yoga De Rose'

She lives in my lap lol

If you’re reading this, it’s my birthday... cash app me and tell me nice things lol. This year my birthday plans were a bit different. Since my actual birthday is on a weekday and my dad would be visiting (today) I knew that I’d have to celebrate early.While I try and have it all together, for the past two years I haven’t been able to think of anything and have settled for random happy hours. I say settled because while happy hours seem convenient, you never know how the traffic will be in the DMV. I was literally 2 hours late for my own happy hour last year due to there being a fire on the bridge… I digress. This year I had a feeling that I’d do something different, being a new homeowner with an adequate amount of space, I’m now able to have house parties/get togethers whenever I choose to. Being a semi control freak, I’d rather just plan the type of day that I’d like to have (FYI, my baby shower is planned too #NotPregnant).

A good friend of mine was recently certified to teach Yoga and I thought that it’d be great to let her utilize her talents and teach a twerk yoga class. I’d be able to get a work out in and celebrate my birthday with a few of my favorite people.  I chose a cute name that would incorporate what we’re doing and my favorite summer time drink, hence the creation of Yoga de Rose`. I also sent out invitations and went into full on planning mode. In the past I’d only assisted in hosting or asked people to bring items over, potluck style. However, I wanted to dive in and really make this my celebration. Now that I live alone, I totally realized that… its on me baby (kool points if you got the rap reference). I had to invest in everything… cake plates, serving trays, and cheese knives. Luckily, I’ve learned a few tricks from my old roommate which made things sooo much easier.  I came up with a budget (which I exceeded), the menu, and the floral arrangements. Then I literally slaved and cleaned up my house including the basement where the Yoga was held. 

Yes, I did all of that!!!

The combination of yoga, trap music, and twerking was everything. Let’s just say that this turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever. Since my friends are just amazing, they brought additional rose’ and we had one big turnup after twerk yoga, the party literally lasted until the night. Special thanks to everyone that joined me and made my day special.