June 20, 2016

It's My Birthday!!!

What a blessing to be able to celebrate another year. I honestly think this has been one of my favorite birthday celebrations thus far. I enjoyed my pre-birthday weekend in Ga hanging out with family and friends and I couldn't have asked for a better celebration. Although I was super last minute with planning (which is so not me) things came together perfectly.

I started the weekend by getting a Vtox with two of my friends. If you're unsure of what a Vtox is, remember Google is your friend lol. I kid, I kid, I plan on doing a full review of my Vtox experience soon!

Can you believe that I was able to hang out with my little sister. I even stayed with her and enjoyed a fabulous downtown Atlanta view.

Don't you just love when an outfit comes together? My birthday outfit consisted of 2 new pieces and 2 old pieces that I purchased a while back. I knew I had to grab the colorful kimono when I saw it hanging on the rack. And because my foot is sooo small, I purchased the gold chunky heel sandals last year (off season) during a work trip in Utah.

Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate with me, I had a blast!!!