May 25, 2016

Funk Festival DC

Aside from fall, my next favorite season is festival season. I'm sure you're thinking 'I never learned that festival season is actually a season.' Well in my book, it's definitely a season. Why not? Festival season is the time of year when the weather magically happens to corporate so that we can hear good music, eat good food, and have a really good time. Although I've been living in the DMV for a few years now, this is my first time hearing of the Funk Festival. Thanks to the Metro Express paper I was able to get the run down. Believe it or not, this was the third annual funk parade which included a street fair and a musical festival. It was pretty cool that several restaurants opened their establishment up for us to hear local bands without an entry fee. My favorite band of the day was Drew Kid and the Elevators. They are definitely worth looking up. It was also good to see DC residents and metropolitan neighbors coming together in the name of funk.

I've learned over the years that festival dress code is synonymous with being comfortable. I went for a 90s inspired look on accident which turned out great. I even got a few compliments!!! Since the weather was  a bit chilly I knew my faux leather jacket had to accompany me. I picked up a cute striped t-shirt dress from TJ Maxx and paired it with my red chucks. I also let my thin biking shorts peep from underneath my dress providing that 90s essence which is quickly making a comeback. Only thing missing was the infamous choker lol. Thanks to my blogger boo Jia for giving me the FaceTime thumbs up!!!

This will not be the last festival I attend as there are several on my radar. Check out a few of my highlights below and don't forget to leave your favorite festival in the comment section; I just might pop up!