December 18, 2016

When Work Is Travel- Orlando

I remember in 2013 praying for a job, let alone praying for a job that allows travel. I didn’t get a full-time job that allowed travel until 2014. It was my first full-time job after my long layoff. Although I didn’t post about work travel associated with that job, nor my last job yes I’ve had three jobs since 2014 I plan on incorporating it.

My newest position started in September and last week was my first time traveling for work. Being ecstatic to travel someplace warm was a total understatement. Now I’ve been to Florida several times as it was prime vacation destination for a family in the South that didn’t fly lol. I’ve also visited Orlando several times but not in my ‘true adult years’. Being the foodie that I am, I created a Pinterest as well as a Yelp board to help me navigate the area. I knew I’d have to make a few exceptions to allow for budget as well as my cousin’s preference. Of course I had to invite someone to enjoy this mini vacay with me (actually this was nowhere near a vacay as I was in class from 8-5 and totally jetlagged on the day that I arrived lol). While I didn’t partake in any of the main Disney attractions, I did enjoy traveling with my cousin and we found a few things to get into, take a look. 

The pool view was beautiful

Blackened Salmon for the win

Couldn't help but get in the Disney spirit

My cousin posing with a poser

Nachos may be the new criteria in judging a restaurant

Got this shot free by checking in w/Yelp

I currently judge restaurants by calamari

Dream Car

We out!!!